Increased available nutrients and microbiology, coupled with water retention give Wilbros compost a distinct advantage for commercial farming applications.

  • Premium quality compost made from yard trimmings, brewers waste, and food waste where temperatures are held above 131 F for over 15 days and turned a minimum of 5 times to meet EPA standards.
  • PH adjusted by using Organic Biomass burning boiler ash.
  • Nitrogen adjusted by using feather, meat, blood and poultry meal.
  • Compost contains a variety of nutrients that provide valuable organic matter to soil, making it easier to work, improved water-holding capacity and more productive.

Product Use

Evenly spread compost at a 2” layer and incorporate into soil at 6” depth by roto-tilling. Rake or drag the soil surface to achieve a smooth planting bed, then irrigate generously prior to planting. The application rate corresponds to approximately 6 cy per 1,000 square feet.

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