Turf Compost

A safe alternative to commercial fertilizers Wilbros Turf Compost increases vigor and health in lawns and turf while decreasing irrigation requirements.

  • Premium quality compost made from yard trimmings, brewers waste, and food waste where temperatures are held above 131 F for over 15 days and turned a minimum of 5 times to meet EPA standards.
  • PH adjusted by using Organic Biomass burning boiler ash.
  • Nitrogen adjusted by using feather, meat, blood and poultry meal.
  • Turf Compost is then blended with a river sand mix and is ready for application to turfs.
  • Turf Compost consists of approximately 50% compost screened through 3/8” screen and approximately 50% river sand mix.
  • Turf Compost helps reduce chemical usage and water usage greatly by 30%.

Product Use

Evenly spread Turf Compost 3”-6” over existing soil before planting or installing sod.
For an established lawn, aerate then top dress a ½” over the area.

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