Organic Garden Compost

Blended specifically for nursery and raised bed applications, Wilbros Organic Garden Compost provides a stable nutrient rich environment for direct planting.

  • Premium quality Whole Foods produce waste and yard trimmings where temperatures are held above 131 F for over 15 days and turned a minimum of 5 times to meet EPA standards.
  • Organic Garden Compost is blended with topsoil and is ready for filling raised beds, containers for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers.
  • Organic Garden Compost consists of approximately 75% compost screened through a 3/8” screen and approximately 25% topsoil.

Product Use

Evenly spread Organic Garden Compost at a 2” layer and incorporate into soil at a 6” – 12” depth by roto-tilling. Irrigate generously prior to planting. For optimum growing conditions maintain a 5% organic matter composition in soil. Add or reduce compost usage as needed.

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